Aug 26


Puyuan Charity Trip - Warm and Aid Special Education

On August 26, 2017, Puyuan Group walked into the rehabilitation clinic at the Dawn House in Gaoyi and visited special education classes and sent them daily necessities such as rice, flour, cooking oil …

Sep 16


Puyuan Charity Trip - Love and Care in September

Autumn is in September. In this beautiful windy day, Puyuan Group once again into Luancheng District Hongde home, bringing necessities and charity for children. When we saw our arrival, the children ra…

Oct 28


Warm Double Nine Festival, Puyuan Charity Trip

Nowadays, In this society Love and loneliness coexist They, who labored for their children for the rest of their lives Now have to spend the rest of the day only with loneliness. They work hard for a l…

Oct 29


Warmly Greetings! Puyuan Group & TOPOL WATER strategic C

Summary: Together, let’s march and win in the future! 2017 Puyuan Group TOPOL WATER strategic cooperation meeting is held in Shijiazhuang Yiling Health City. On October 29, Puyuan Group TOPOL WATER s…

Nov 07


Sino-Swiss International Summit, Puyuan Succeeds Again!On No

On November 7, the international exchange of innovation and development of China (Hebei) and Switzerland hosted by Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology was held in the Sta…

Nov 25


Warm in the Winter, Warm in Charity

They are fallen angels with the most innocent smiles while they are born incompletely. They are unopen buds, abandoned by his loved ones and endure the injustice of God; They have never had a hug from …

Dec 16


Warm Sunshine, Warm Hongde Home

Get together in Hongde to warm this winter Pass on the love to deliver hope. Charity trip to Hongde Home in Luancheng County In December 12th, 2017, Puyuan group, in its charity trip to Hongde home, bo…

Jan 24


Love in Laba Festival, Heart with Dawn Family

Let our love to warm the kids in this freezing cold winter On 24 th January, also Laba Festival in Chinese tradition culture, Puyuan charity team went to Dawn Family in Gaoyi County, Shijiazhuang City.…

Feb 26


Puyuan Charity Trip: Recall the War Year, Comfort the Old So

Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away They contributed youth to China renaissance; they built this nation's backbone with their souls; they returned home silently afterwards without asking for fa…

Mar 12


3.12Planting Day, Let's Dress Spring Up

A ncient poems on planting Tao Yuanming, a famous poet of Dongjin Dynast, is inextricably linked with planting trees. He loves willow so much that he plants willow anywhere in rural fields. In front of…

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