Jan 10


Focus on Water

: Water is fundamental of the life. But More than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. The United Nations (UN) estimates that, of 1.4 billion cubic kilometers (1 quadrillion acre-fe…

Feb 12


Wastewater Treatment Equipment in Developed Countries

Wastewater treatment equipment in some of developed countries has reached a high degree of modernization, with the following characteristics:   1. Urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment eq…

Feb 19


Puyuan Philanthropy Trip to Luancheng Hongde Family: the Sch

19th, February,2017 is Sunday, a sunny day. Mr. Peter Lu Yongsheng, President of Puyuan, led his staff to Hongde Family, and brought fresh vegetables and food. In the kids’ growing-up period, they be…

Mar 11


Puyuan Philanthropy Trip: “to Embrace Spring, to Sow Green L

 Today comes the time to plant trees. Everything renew to life in March when it is a great opportunity for afforestation. Puyuan staff, together with kids from Hongde family, went to Xiaobilin Village…

Mar 15


Central Ventilation System

 Air is the basis for the survival of mankind. In recent years, the rapid development of industrial society has exacerbated the deterioration of the environment. The air human being breath in and out …

Mar 30


Puyuan President Went to Europe for Investigation of Ventil

With the purpose of presenting a better service to the China Market, and getting a deep acquaintance on ventilation system, Puyuan Group president Mr. Andy Lu Yongsheng went to Europe for a one-month…

Apr 09


Puyuan Starts up the Smart Home Life, with Viomi

Mr. Xu from Viomi came to Puyuan for an on-site investigation and the negotiation on cooperation. Today Puyuan has started up a new life for Viomi Smart Home.

Apr 28


Smart Home System

Home automation or smart home (also known as domotics) is building automation for the home. It involves the control and automation of lighting, heating (such as smart thermostats), ventilation, air con…

Apr 23


Puyuan Philanthropy Trip: to Care The Elderly, And to Benefi

Venerating the elderly is a traditional virtue for Chinese people. Caring the aged people is not only an issue to a family, or a child, but also an issue needs joint effects from the society and the na…

May 01


The Revision of Puyuan Website is Officiall Online

Congratulations! The Revision of Puyuan Website is Officially Online.

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Add:10-1201, 266 Tianshan St., Shijiazhuang, P. R. China



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