Wastewater Treatment Equipment in Developed Countries

Feb 12, 2017

Wastewater treatment equipment in some of developed countries has reached a high degree of modernization, with the following characteristics:

1. Urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment equipment has been standardized, stereotypes, serialization and complete sets. A wide range of high degree of commercialization of water treatment equipment industry has been built.

2. The specialized and large-scaled production of water treatment units, such equipment as of sedimentation, of filtration, of extraction, of adsorption, of microfiltration, of electro-dialysis, has been formed. The variety, specifications, and quality of equipment are relatively stable, reliable performance parameters are reliable. It’s convenient for users to choose.

3. The urban sewage treatment complete equipment has developed into large-scale. Industrial wastewater treatment equipment has been specialized and complete set.

4. Flexible units such as fans, pumps, valves and other general equipment that support the water treatment equipment have been designed specialized and manufactured to meet some special needs.

5. lack of water resources, water eutrophication, drinking water safety lead to a considerable degree of development of wastewater deep treatment equipment and disinfection.

6. The anaerobic treatment technology Has been paid attention for a second time, and the application of anaerobic treatment equipment in high concentration organic wastewater treatment has been improved.


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