Puyuan Charity with Dawn Family

May 20, 2017

In our neighborhood, there lives a group of kids who are unlucky and were abandoned by their parents for their illness and became orphans. However, they are lucky, because they have a common home: The Dawn Family. With a principle of “concern every young life, never give up each”, the Dawn Family has accepted more than 600 disabled and abandoned babies in the past 29 years, and cared them with respect they deserved.

In the coming of 27th National Disabled Day of China, Puyuan Group and Dawn Family holds a philanthropy activity of “to care the disabled and orphaned, to make a world of love” in Chahe River scenic region. This activity leads the kids to step into the society and to interact with people out of Dawn Family. This contact with the disable kids is also an opportunity for people to get to know them, respect them, love them, create a warm and fine environment for them, help them to integrate into the society, and finally build a fair, loving, disabled and non-disabled coexisting society.

Mr. Michael Guan, VGM of Puyuan Group, presents the donation and brings greetings from Puyuan leaders. He wishes that the kids would keep healthy and grow with love from people in all parties of the society.

On the spot of the activity, teachers and little angles from Dawn Family had various shows. Even a song, or a dance, is hard to these kids. Nevertheless, their careful and excellent performances show us their strong in weakness, their hope in helplessness. We can see the fairness of life, values and meanings of life, and angles can fly even with broken wings.

Here we call for more people of love to concern kids in Dawn Family, and share their own energy to them. If more and more people dedicate their love, the world will be the heaven.

May love lasts forever.

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