Puyuan Charity with Shijiazhuang Eye Hospital

Jun 03, 2017

With the accelerated pace of life, high pressure from work and learning, stay up overnight, long-time looking at mobile phones, computers and other factors, the incidence of eye diseases continues to improve. To some extent it affects people's lives and learning. teenagers and children are in the developmental stage of their body, serious eye diseases even affect their physical and mental health.

In the coming of this National Sight Day on June 6th, Puyuan Group and Shijiazhuang Eye Hospital jointly hold a philanthropy activity with a theme of “care the children, care the eyes”, calling for eyes' heath of children from Hongde Family. 

Ms. Ma, one of doctors in Shijiazhuang Eye Hospital held a lecture on caring eyes for the kids. She explained to kids how to prevent eye diseases and how to correct visual acuity in daily life. Ms. Ma said, kids should be kept far away from electronics, correct their incorrect posture while using their eyes, attend outdoors sport, and look to far places with the purpose of protect their sight. She also hoped that every kid would keep their eyes bright and grow with health and happiness.

Here we call for more and more people to care eyes and protect sight for each of our own. We also hope that growing number of kind people would concern kids in Hongde Family, and share their own energy to them. If more and more people dedicate their love, the world will be the heaven.

May love lasts forever.

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